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Wed, Jan 25




We are a youth football league that brings passion to the game. We offer a football league for all clubs. We help youth football clubs bring new talent to the field. Most of our leagues are in Massachusetts in cities like Boston, Worcester, Framingham, and more.

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Time & Location

Jan 25, 2023, 8:14 PM – 8:19 PM

Massachusetts, USA


About the event


Denomination and Participation

Club Fee + Member Card has to be paid before the season start.

Price for each Athlete, Coach for Member Card (mandatory) $20 (Every participant must be registered and must present a card before the game of the Athlete or team member, otherwise, they will not be able to participate)

Art. 1 – The Junior/Youth Category Championship will initially be played by the following Associations (With a great tendency to have more associations included until spring)

1. Jaguars United FC 2.Paradise Star FC 3. Cordage SC 4. Real Brazilian Soccer 5. Lowell-Flash FC 6. Brazil Elite FC 7. Eagles Soccer Academy 8. Club Desportivo Real Mathias 9. Academy Abeltv 10. Boston Athletic SC 11. Gremio-USA 12. Cruzeiro Esporte Clube


trophies and titles

Art. 2 – The Association that at the end in first of the competition is considered the winner, will receive the title of Champion of the U.S. Premier Soccer League and the second placed, the title of Vice-Champion.

U10, U12, U14 (U14B ONLY THE CHAMPIONS) AND U17 Both will receive medals for the Athletes, with the ultimate champion receiving the “U.S. Premier Soccer League”.



dispute form

Art. 3 – The United States Premier League Soccer Championship will be played in 3 (three) Phases, in the manner specified below and in accordance with the following articles.

1st Phase, 2nd Phase, 3rd Phase

Single turn between 6 to 8 games (depends on the schedule), Semifinal, Final

Art. 4 – The 1st Single Turn Phase will be disputed by the registered Associations, forming the Category Group, which will play 6 to 8 games among themselves, according to the table prepared by the Technical Department, qualifying for the 2nd Phase/Semi-Final the best teams classified in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places, applying the criteria of technical indexes established in these Regulations.

Art. 5 – In the 2nd Phase/Semifinal the Associations will be grouped in the specified manner and according to the classification obtained in the 1st Phase.

Single Turn 1st Place X Single Turn 4th Place 2nd place Single lap X 3rd place Single lap

First Paragraph – All matches in this stage will be played on a field provided by the United States Premier League.

Second Paragraph – If, at the end of the 2nd Phase, the Associations are tied, the place for the grand final will be decided by penalties.

Art. 6 – In the 3rd Phase/Finals, the winning Associations of each Semifinal formed the final in the manner specified below

FINAL Winner of semi-final A X Winner of semi-final B

First Paragraph – It will be SINGLE EXIT in the 3rd Phase (FINAL)

Third Paragraph – If at the end of the match of the 3rd Phase/Finals the Associations end in a tie, PENALTIES WILL BE DECIDED.


Tiebreaker Criteria and Technical Indices Art. 7 – At the end of the First phase, observing the provisions contained in these Regulations, in the case of 2 (two) or more associations being tied in the number of points earned, to define the classified Association and/or command field, as well as, to determine the general classification of the competition, the tiebreaker criteria will be obtained through the technical indices mentioned below and in the following order: I highest number of points earned; II highest number of victories; III highest goal difference; IV highest number of goals scored; V greater number of goals scored in the opposite field; VI more disciplined team; VII public draw.


Game conditions and deadlines for athlete registration

Art. 8 – Athletes who are registered and duly registered in the United States Premier League will be eligible to play for the competition, as established by current legislation, institutions must be made TUESDAY 5 PM prior to the game.

For the registration of each Athlete and coach, a federal document from the country of origin of the person, an official photo (of the face, without sunglasses, without a cap and without a cap), the wallets of the Magnetic Athletes, without the portfolio the athlete will not be able to play, if the team loses the points, the coaches will be in charge of reviewing and signing the summary of the opposing team.

Art. 9 – The Athlete and any Member of the Technical Commission who is expelled from the court or from the substitute bench, will be automatically excluded from participating in the next match of this Championship.

Art. 10 – The athlete who has been reprimanded with a yellow card, for 3 (times), will be automatically excluded from participating in the following match.

Second Paragraph – The warning will be computed with showing a yellow card, which applies to the athlete who is later expelled with a direct showing of a red card.

Third Paragraph – By subsequent game is understood the first one that will be disputed to the one in which the expulsion or the third warning took place.

Art. 11 – In competitions in the Non-Professional Category – CHILDREN, athletes will have the minimum age limit to participate.

  • 2005 – U17 (11v11) 90 minute match 45 each half
  • 2006 – U16 (11v11) 80 minute match 40 each half
  • 2007 – U15 (11v11) 70 minute match 35 each half
  • 2008 – U14 (11v11) game 70 minutes 35 each half
  • 2009 – U13 (11v11) 60 minute game 30 each half
  • 2010 — U12 (9v9) 50 minute game 25 each half
  • 2011 – U11 (9v9) 50 minute match 25 each half
  • 2012 – U10 (7v7) 50 minute match 25 each half
  • 2013 – U09 (7v7) 50 minute match 25 each half
  • 2014 – U08 (7v7) 50 minute match 25 each half
  • 2015 – U07 (7v7) 50 minute match 25 each half
  • 2016 – U06 (5v5) 40 minute match 20 each half

(minimum play time for U7, U8, U10 and U12 is 20 minutes each half, in case have any problems, the team that caused waste of the time will loose 3 points)

15 minute is the maximus late ⏰ to start the game.


General provisions

Art. 12 – The matches will have the duration

U17 will be 90 (eighty) minutes, in 2 (two) periods of 45 minutes with a 15-minute break U14, U15 will be 70 (seventy) minutes, in 2 (two) periods of 35 (thirty-five) minutes, with a break of 10 (ten) minutes for rest.

Art. 13 – The change of date, time and place of departure will only be approved by Resolution of the 2 (two teams) and the US Premier League and, in the absence of the head of said Department, by Resolution of the Presidency League, if If any, by mutual agreement between the Associations, in writing by email, up to 3 (three) business days before departure, and provided there is no damage to third parties.

Sole Paragraph – It will not be allowed to change the game that changes the sequence of the rounds, except for reasons of force majeure or at the discretion of the League Board.

Art. 14 – Due to bad weather, the Association that plays at home may reschedule the match within 1 week so as not to lose points.

Art. 15 – Due to bad weather, game suspended by the President of the League or his legal Representative, new date, time and place will be determined by the association

Sole paragraph – If the Association does not present the document provided in the caput of this article and the game is not played due to its absence, its opponent will be declared the winner by the score of 3 x 0 (three to zero).

Art. 16 – When there is a coincidence of uniforms, the visiting team of the match will be obliged to change the uniform or wear vests.

Art. 17 – The arbitration rights in charge of the Mandatory Associations of the matches must be paid in cash or venmo, zelle, before the start of the match.

By Law and Regulations

Art. 18 •Fields and game time you can change game Location TUESDAY 5 PM prior game time, as long the USPSL and the other Club is Notified. In Cancelation / Weather the club need to let us and the opponent know first thing on the morning!!!

•Referee Art. 19 U.S. Premier Soccer League is trying getting Officials, for the clubs, in case need. All the Officials need to be Registered on our WebSite System and use Uniforms (Referee uniforms mandatory) in case your club don’t follow regulations will receive Punishment from the League. U.S.PSL have official Referee shirts with our USPSL Referee Program Logo for sale $35 MINIMUM 2 HOUR each time if you need.

Art. 20 • *Filming, Photos and LiveStreaming * We will promote your club on our SocialMedia, (before game time if you let us about your live) after Games please send us Goals in videos to post on our Social Media.

Art. 21 • Roster – if player is not on the Online Roster the same can’t play (all player need Birth Certificate or Passport). You can’t use player from other group age that is not on your Roster!!! That means if is young player and you want to use, Add him to your Roster. You can add player to the Roster 5 days before game time, if you Don’t know how to check Online Roster let us know, only players REGISTERED with us can play. Players that didn’t play regular season CAN NOT PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND.

Art. 22 • Game Paper 📝 work *- all the Presidents or Directors need to send me paperwork with in 24 hours after game time – on paper 📑 that you guys will be receiving, make sure you choose 3 player from the opponent side, on the end of the The Round 7 the player from each age group that have most vote 🗳 will be elected PLAYER OF THE SEASON will receive a trophy 🏆 on June 12, if We don’t receive the paperwork with your 3 votes, you will lose 1 points on your standing.*

Art. 23 • *Bad Conduct * ( Fighting or disrespectful conduct on the games from Parents, Players or any Club Member… (can be from $100 fee to $300 fee por each player or people from the club that this person is involved ) in case the club refuse to pay, will from lose points on standing to be Removed from our League depending on what happened, we will be 0 tolerant for field fighting. ( no one is right on this action at the field), so Directors please Talk to Parents and Players all the time before game time.

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