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Playing Soccer


Achieving a high level of sport for our players starts with parents. One of your responsibilities as a parent or guardian is to conduct yourself in a way that reflects positively on yourself, your child, your child's team, your family and the soccer game.
Parents who do not behave properly will be subject to disciplinary sanctions that can strike a practitioner. We all depend on good conduct to set a good example for our players, spectators, employees and competition organizers.

Below you can download our waiver form to sign and send to our school through e-mail:

Behaviors expected from parents, guardians of  players:

Sanction adopted by coaches

I will accept a disciplinary sanction adopted by coaches for conduct that is considered inappropriate, whether done by me (parent/guardian) or by an athlete.

Speak to the coach in private

I will speak to the coach in private and not in front of others if problems arise.

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